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    • by Javier Romo García (CID)
        • The original article is in Spanish and the English title is "Mobility and electric vehicle: development of a safe urban electric vehicle, from idea to manufacturing"
        • PDF full issue
        • Online version

Presentations and Events

Roadshows in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem, Israel, 9-12 July 2022
    • Roadshows by I-FEVS
New Materials for future Mobility (NeMMo), Nantes, France, 6-7 July 2022
Roadshow in Malta, 30 June-1 July 2022
    • Roadshow by I-FEVS
The Festival of the New European Bauhaus, Brussels, Belgium, 9-12 June 2022
IFAT Innovation Days 2022, Austria, 27 April 2022
    • Multi-Moby stand with a poster presentation by IFAT
SAHE, Hybrid and Electric Automotive Show, Valladolid, Spain, 22-24 April 2022
H2020RTR21 Conference, Brussels, Belgium, 29 March 2022
Second i-HeCoBatt Webinar on Innovation and Industrialisation Challenges for Next-Generation EV Components, online, 3 March 2022
The Battery Show Europe, Messe Stuttgart, Germany, 1 December 2021


AEIT International Conference on Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive, online, 18 November 2021


Future Battery Forum, Berlin, Germany, 15-16 November 2021


Lecture at the Hebrew University, October 2021
    • "Sensors for Autonomous Systems" by Nir Karasikov (NANO)


Israel-Europe Research & Innovation Directorate (ISERD) webinar, 15 October 2021
    • "Sensing Solutions for Autonomous Systems" by Nir Karasikov (NANO)


5th TIEF (Turin Islamic Economic Forum), 13 October 2021
    • "Conceivement and development of a world-class urban electric mobility solution" by Pietro Perlo (I-FEVS)
        • Also broadcasted on Rai 3 Italian free-to-air television channel
    • Event link


FISITA World Congress conference, 15 September 2021
    • "Next generation of Electrified Vehicles and Systems: Case Studies from the European Projects", round table discussion with Aldo Sorniotti (UoS) and other guest speakers
    • Event link


The Battery Show & EV Tech Europe Digital Days Expo 2021, 18-20 May 2021
    • with Eric Verhulst (ALT)


AEAI Photonics in the Automotive Ecosystem conference, 16 February 2021
    • "Addressing low-cost sensing platforms for autonomous vehicles" by Pietro Perlo (I-FEVS) & Nir Karasikov (NANO)


Future Battery Forum, 10-11 December 2020
    • "The shift to clean energy needs better batteries NOW" by Eric Verhulst (ALT)


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