November 2021 - General assembly

The Multi-Moby general assembly was held on 9-10 November 2021, in I-FEVS, Turin, Italy. This was our first face-to-face meeting since the coronavirus pandemic.

October 2021 - Vehicle testing

The Multi-Moby vehicle testing has started in I-FEVS.

September 2021 - E-VOLVE

The Multi-Moby project is now part of the Electric Vehicle Optimized for Life, Value and Efficiency (E-VOLVE) cluster, which involves eight projects from the GV-01 Horizon 2020 for joint dissemination, exploitation and standardization activities.

July 2021 - Pre-emptive vehicle stability

A pre-emptive stability control function has been successfully tested on the ZEBRA vehicle. This involves pre-emptive braking based on nonlinear model predictive control when the speed is too high for an upcoming road curvature.

December 2020 - Project kick-off

The Multi-Moby kick-off meeting took place on 15-16 December 2020. Due to coronavirus pandemic, it was conducted online with a teleconference.

Multi-Moby consortium participants during the kick-off meeting